March 14 2024

Hello Bill and Mary,

We are really enjoying our time in America since relocating here early last year to base our ministry out of Florida to Eastern Europe.

Especially when we got news a couple weeks ago that our youngest daughter, Audrianna and her husband, Barry are going to have their first baby later this year. Grandchild number FIVE for us.

It’s their first baby so she regularly calls her Mom, Brenda for advice and gives her updates on everything.

Another reason we so enjoy being based out of America at this time in our lives is we are able to spend more time with our kids and grandkids. Even later this week we get to go on vacation with one of our sons and family to Gulf Shores, Alabama.

They, Ryan and Katie and their two boys will come down from Nashville and meet us there for four days on the beach. Should be so much fun and their kids are 7 and 4 years old.

So as we continue our ministry to Eastern Europe it’s working so well for us now living here after so many decades overseas.

In April, I (Jim) will once again be in Hungary, Croatia, Serbia and Bulgaria. I love these ministry trips so much as God always does incredible things.

We are making an impact in Bulgaria.  We helped Philip and Rositca start a dynamic growing church in Bulgaria in 2019.

The focus of our ministry is working with key national leaders to help them start churches. One of the more than 200 churches that we have helped to start throughout the years is in Sofia, Bulgaria with Philip and Rositca Rashev.

I am regularly in Bulgaria and just about every time I am there I get to meet with

Pastor Philip and visit his church and it’s been amazing to see what God has done in the last five years since this church has started.

It continues to grow every time I visit. Philip and his team have amazing outreaches across their city and his enthusiasm to reach Bulgaria is so wonderful to be around.

We invest $4000 in each of these new churches to help them get started. This church in Sofia was sponsored by some freinds in Reno, Nevada. So many from around America have given this much to help start these churches. We and they are so greatful.

This is just one church of hundreds that have been started in the last 24 years in Eastern Europe through Pastors like Philip and Rositca.

Thank You for all you do for us,

Brenda and Jim

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