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E-Letter – August 1, 2011

Special News From The Nations of Eastern Europe

August 1, 2011

Dear Special Friends,

Erion and Gentiana Cuni are some amazing people. I remember the first time I met Erion a few years ago in Tirana, Albania and he told me how he was going to start a church soon. I remember how excited he was to start it in an area that had no churches in it and the impact the new church would make on the community.

I told Erion that when he had firm plans on when he would start the church to let me know. Last fall Erion contacted me and we were able to sow $4000.00 into helping to start the church.

Earlier this year I was able to minister at his church and meet a lot of the people that are now a part of the church. It was wonderful to see the excitement of everyone. I was quite humbled when I got up to speak and everyone clapped and stood to thank us for helping them.

What really impressed me was the hunger for the things of God. I prayed for many of the people and saw tears in so many eyes. It is so humbling to know we were a part of seeing this church get started.

It also amazed me that so many people came up and thanked us for thinking of them. I was able to share with them that people in America had given the money to help start the church. They were so inspired that people who did not know them, cared so much about them to give to help them.

Erion is also very involved in prison ministry in Albania, where he goes weekly to prisons throughout the country. When he told me this I remembered the scripture about Jesus saying, When I was in prison you visited me. Maybe in one of our newsletters in the future I will share about the prisons in Albania and the conditions there. They are quite rough.

Erions church is typical of the churches that we help to start in this part of the world. When I think of the thousands of towns and villages that still do not have a single church, I think of people like Erion and the impact of ministries like ours working together to make a difference in peoples lives.

Last year this church in Albania was just one of FIFTEEN that we saw started. This year another FIFTEEN will be started. Thank you for helping us do this.

Special Family News . . . We are in America now and will be here for another three weeks and then head home to Budapest. Its been a wonderful summer for all of us! Getting together with our kids and doing so much fun stuff together has been so nice.


In Awe of His Faithfulness,

Jim and Brenda


PS. We are amazed that so many of you stand with us in our ministry. Thank You!