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October 24, 2023

Hello Special Friends,

November 8, 1980 is a special day in our lives.

On November 8 we will celebrate our 43rd wedding anniversary. Since that cool Saturday in Gainesville, Florida in 1980 our lives have been an adventure.

Getting to serve in so many wonderful places around the world having four wonderful children (and now grandkids) has been such a dream for us.

Yes, I had a mustache when we got married. They were in style then, I guess. (Remember Magnum PI) Three days after we got married it was gone. Hasn’t been back since…

We are well aware of the NEWS about Israel and all the things that are going on in the world that can be so unsettling.

But in the midst of this we go forth doing what we feel God has called us to. “Reach the nations of Eastern Europe with the Gospel.”

Last month we spent over two weeks in Hungary, Slovenia and Slovakia. This time Brenda and I got to go together. It was especially special for Brenda as this was the first time she was back in Budapest since we relocated to the US in January.

She got to see a lot of her friends and travel visiting different pastors and ministries we have worked with for so many years.

I (Jim) will once again be back in Hungary, Albania, Bulgaria and Poland in November. These countries are almost like second homes for me as we have served there for over 25 years now.

For the upcoming holidays in Florida we will have some of our kids and grandkids with us for both Thanksgiving and Christmas.

We continue to absolutely love doing what we get to do as missionaries. Thank you for all you do to help us in Reaching Eastern Europe. Please know it is never taken for granted.

You may enjoy this short video we did a few weeks ago when we were in Eastern Europe. Click on the video for a two minute update from Budapest.  

Please click on it and it will play or click this link:


Smiles from us to you,

Jim and Brenda