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March 2019

Dear Special Friends,   

           Crossing the Slovenia Border from Hungary  – I am greeted by an absolutely beautiful sign saying  Welcome to Slovenia  . . .

It was just a few days ago that I met with leaders there that I have known for many, many years in Slovenia.  It was a great time of talking and of course eating, enjoying a wonderful time with these few Christians that live in this country that came out of the break-of Yugoslavia so many years ago.

Many in this country don’t think much about GOD as their schools, parents or government rarely mentions God in any books or speeches.  So people just don’t know what to think when people like us come talking about GOD in a way that seems so normal to us but STRANGE to them.

             Many in Slovenia know their grandparents were “religious” but they don’t know what this means, “religious.”  This is an awareness of God but not a “relationship” with God.

And we are so excited about what God has planned for 2019!

Our Plans For 2019 – To Help Start Another 12 Churches!

Can You or Your Church Help Us Do This?

                 We will invest about $4,000 in each of these new churchesWe work with key national leaders in each country to start these churches.  Each of these new churches is pastored by a national who speaks the language and knows the culture.  The money we invest is enough to help for the first twelve to twenty-four months.  By then the Pastor has taught his people to begin to support the new church.  We primarily help to start the churches in towns that do not have an active evangelical church in them.

                In the past NINETEEN years, we have helped key national leaders start more than 292 churches.  Churches that are now making an impact upon their cities.  You have helped us do this! This year we will see at least 12 more started.

             As we begin our 37th year as missionaries, we are amazed that we get to do what we do and absolutely love being missionaries in Hungary.

                                     Loving our Lives as Missionaries in Hungary,                                                                         

                                    Jim and Brenda