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Christmas 2020

Dear Special Partner,

Blessings from Budapest, Hungary once again.

Christmas!  It always been one of our favorite times of the year.  We always think of our own childhoods so many years ago for me, growing up in Wisconsin and Colorado and Brenda in Florida.

Our own families, who probably didn’t have much, but made Christmas so special for us as kids.

This Christmas will be our 24th Christmas in Hungary.  So nice.  Its usually cold here and sometimes snow on the ground and lights on the houses.  Our house will be decorated in our own traditions that we brought from America to make it feel so nice.

Of course this year, like most places around the world will be different.  For the first time our youngest daughter Audrianna will not be with us. She will stay in America and probably celebrate it with my family (Jim) in Colorado.  She is not allowed to come to Hungary because of border closures because of the Covid Virus.

But our 26 year old daughter Alexandra is with us here in Hungary so we will have her with us. So nice.  Our other three kids and their families will stay in Orlando and Nashville. We are so happy for them and a little sad for us.

But we will totally enjoy this Christmas Season.  We are soooo blessed.

We wish you an amazing Christmas. We pray you totally enjoy your Christmas Season.  I know we will… God has blessed us so amazingly we never take it granted.

We are EXPECTING GREAT things in 2021 as we continue to minister throughout the nations of Eastern Europe.

Merry Christmas to all from us here in Budapest.

Jim and Brenda