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Updated March 1 2022

Dear Special Friends,

Ukraine is right next to Hungary.

You may have been following the news in the last week and read and see the things that are happening in Ukraine. You may feel


like we do, so sad for so many, many people that are devastated and lives changed forever by this senseless act of one man’s ambition.

Even as you read this the events almost certainly have changed from today when we are writing this update. Ukraine borders Hungary just to the east. Hungary has opened its borders to all Ukrainian refugees but most are fleeing to Poland.

But still as of today over 100,000 have come to Hungary fleeing the war.  We don’t know how many are flooding into Romania and other countries…

Even today I was in contact with one of the churches we helped to start in Eastern Hungary and Krakow, Poland. They are helping so many of those that are fleeing the war in Ukraine and coming to Hungary and Poland.

I have been to Ukraine throughout the years and we have helped to start churches in Ukraine and hearing so many of the Christians stories of what they are suffering is hard to imagine.

So many friends in America have been in contact with us in the last few days letting us know they are praying for us and concerned for us. This is so so helpful and encouraging to us.

Of course in Hungary this is the non-stop news and what happens with this war impacts all of the former Communist countries that used to be under the Soviet Union.

So as you can imagine how you feel in America about this, imagine how you would feel living in the countries all around this area.

In the midst of all this we go forward with what we feel God is leading us to do. In the coming weeks I will be in Slovenia, and Albania again. In this midst of all this we still see so much opportunity to reach people in this part of the world.

We are doing all we can while we can. Thank you for helping us do this.

Special Family News….

On February 18 our youngest daughter Audrianna, got married and we are so thankful we were able to come back to the USA for the wedding. It was so nice and special and very relaxing. Both our boys, Nathan and Ryan and their families got to come to the wedding too and it was amazingly nice having all of us together.

Audrianna is now Mrs. Barry O’Sullivan and we like him very much and fits in our family so well. They came to Budapest for Christmas so we got to know him quite well. We are so happy he is a strong Christian. Both of his parents were born in Ireland and he took vacations to Ireland and Europe often growing up.

This is so nice as Audrianna was just eight months old when she moved to Budapest and most of her life has been on the mission field with us.

They will live in West Palm Beach, Florida. But plan to visit us as often as they can.

Loving Serving Our Lord,

Jim and Brenda