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August 18, 2022

Dear Friends,

We are now in our 26th year of serving here in Hungary and Eastern Europe. We arrived back in Budapest on Monday and it feels so good to be back home. 

We absolutely loved our time in the USA this summer, seeing our kids and families and just enjoying America. Relaxing, going to the beach, going to restaurants and just spending time with family was so refreshing.

We know that these breaks for us are one of the key reasons we love to do what we do over here.

In the coming weeks we will once again be traveling to Serbia, Croatia and Poland. I will drive to Serbia and Croatia as they are just to the south of Hungary. I never get tired of meeting with some of the most committed people we have ever met.

I love to hear the stories of the impact that are made in peoples lives by helping them in their ministries.

One of our long time friends over here is a Pastor from Poland named Arek.

Throughout the years we have helped him start several churches in towns in southern Poland where he lives.  So it was great to get an email from him earlier this month asking us if we could help him start yet another church in a town of 19,000 near the city where he lives.

They have a group of already 15 or so people that are meeting as a Bible Study and they wanted to begin services every Sunday as a regular church.

As Arek began to tell me more about it, we got excited with him as he shared that it is already full of young families.

Of course right away we told him we would help with $4000.00.

We have seen so many of these churches started just like this over the years and it never ceases to thrill us that we can be a part of these new works to reach these cities.

Thank you for helping us do this.

Serving Him in Budapest,

Jim and Brenda