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November 1 2015

Dear Special Friends,

Special Personal News. . . On November 8 we will celebrate our 35th wedding anniversary.  Like most people who have been married this long we look back on the long and winding road that we have traveled all these amazing years. This year we will probably celebrate in a special way by going to dinner and a Museum here in Budapest. We have done this so many times in the past and have always loved it.

From our perspective we are getting to live an amazing life as missionaries. Having served in so many countries and raising our kids in different parts of the world has been challenging but amazing.

It’s sometimes neat to hear different perspectives from our friends and family in America when they talk to us about what we do.  Some feel sorry for us because we can’t live in America and say things like, “How much longer do you have to live over there?”  Yet others are excited for us and maybe some even a little envious of us in serving God in foreign countries.

Either way we absolutely love doing what we do here in Hungary and Eastern Europe. Seeing so many lives changed, seeing so many churches started, seeing so many people we have known for so many years, turn into great leaders for God in this part of the world.

You may have seen on the news where Hungary continues to be in the middle of the refugee crisis here in Europe. Hundreds of thousands of refugees from Turkey, Syria and Iraq have traveled through Hungary to get to Germany and other European Countries.  Almost all of the refugees are Muslim.

Many of the churches that we know and have started are ministering to these individuals and families as they travel.  They  have been able to give them Bibles and Joyce Meyer books in their languages. We don’t focus so much on the politics but on the people.  We are trying to make a difference in peoples lives.

Special Personal Need . . . You may have noticed the enclosed photo of a special personal need that we have.  We are looking to buy a newer car in the next few months. The car that I have been driving all over Eastern Europe is now THIRTEEN YEARS OLD and has so many kilometers (miles) on it.

We have had it for ten years and need to get a newer car.  The one we want will be about one year old and cost about $18.000. We still need another $9,500 to get this car. We, being foreigners in Hungary cannot get a loan for cars. We have to pay cash. We would ask you to prayerfully consider giving a special gift in the next couple of months so we can get this car.

In Awe of His Faithfulness,

Jim and Brenda

PS.  Once again we would ask you to prayerfully give a special offering either for Christmas or for the newer car that we need. Thank you for thinking of us.