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December 2019

Dear Friends,

We absolutely love the Christmas Season. Like most families we have fond memories of what Christmas was like when we were kids.


This year our two daughters, Audrianna and Alexandra, will be with us here in Budapest.  Audri, will fly to Hungary next week from Florida.

We will so miss our sons and their families as they will stay in America but we will cherish our times with our daughters and our friends here in Budapest.

This will be our 23th Christmas here, so as you can imagine by now our Hungarian Christmas is the new normal for us. We have spent Christmases in Costa Rica and even three Christmases in Moscow when we lived there in the early 90’s.

Most people are surprised when we tell them how much we love spending Christmas in Budapest.  But we really do love it.

We have learned to embrace the Christmas traditions of Hungary and look so forward to them each year. 

One of the most fun things to do is spend time in downtown Budapest. The streets are amazingly beautiful with lights and decorations and festivals and “Christmas Markets”.

There are lots of beautiful handmade Christmas decorations and gifts. It’s fun to see all the unusual and unique things they have. There is also an endless variety of foods and drinks, places where everyone sits outside and eats and all this takes place quite often when its FREEZING COLD and SNOWY.

We often find local coffee shops or a STARBUCKS to drop in to get warm.

A Special Merry Christmas from Budapest,

Jim and Brenda