You Can Be a Blessing

You Can Be a Vital Part of All We Do


Sunday Pray that we would have God’s wisdom in all we do. Pray that we would continue to always put the needs of the family before the needs of the ministry. That we would always be able to discern when we get our priorities out of order. God first, Family second, Health third and Ministry fourth.
Monday Pray that we would walk in divine health, that we would be free from sickness.
Tuesday Pray for our family.  Three of our four children now live in the USA. Nathan and Lori and our granddaughter Lenora, live in Orlando. Ryan and Katie and our grandsons Micah and Jamie, live in Nashville, and our daughter Audrianna  who lives in West Palm Beach, FL. Our daughter Alexandra is living with us here in Budapest.
Wednesday Pray for the new churches that have been started here in Eastern Europe through this ministry. That they would continue to grow and that the pastors would continue to walk in God’s wisdom and His favor as they reach their towns.
Thursday Please pray for our continued financial blessing. That the Lord would continue to raise up partners to help us with special offerings and monthly partners so that we can focus on the ministry in Eastern Europe and not on raising the money for the ministry. Please pray for the overall ministry of Christian Missions International.
Friday For divine protection as we live here in Hungary and travel on an almost weekly basis to many of the countries in which we minister. For safety from the traps of the enemy.
Saturday For a divine outpouring of God’s Spirit over the nations of Eastern Europe. Pray for each country we minister in by name. Hungary, Albania, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Slovenia, Bulgaria, Bosnia, Serbia Poland, and Croatia.

Financial Needs

  1. We continue to believe God for more partners to stand with us with monthly support of $100, $50, $30, $10 or whatever the Lord leads people to do.  See the “Give” button on the home page to learn more about giving to CMI. or click here.
  2. We are also looking for partners who will help with special needs and give special offerings when they can. This can be for such things as starting new churches, purchasing a new vehicle, or buying tracts or Bibles.


  1. Sending Birthday and Christmas cards.
  2. Special books that you think we would enjoy.


Jim, July 16
Brenda, June 24


Jim and Brenda, November 8, 1980