How You Can Help CMI

How You Can Help Start A Church In Eastern Europe

You or your church can be a vital link to reaching Eastern Europe and Russia with the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Since the fall of Communism in 1990 there has been a massive influx of activity from churches and ministries from around the world to preach the gospel in the former communist countries.

This was especially true in the early nineties. Although there is still unprecedented freedom to minister in most of the countries of Eastern Europe, there are still thousands of towns that do not have an evangelical church.

This is where CMI – Christian Missions International comes in. We believe that we can make a difference in many of these towns. This year, 2024, we will help start at least seven brand-new churches here in Eastern Europe, targeting towns of 20,000 people of more that do not have a church.

These churches will be started in Bulgaria, Albania and other countries.

Here is what it will take to start the new church:

Each church will cost approximately $4,000 to get it started. A very small amount considering the impact it can make upon the city.

This money may be used in the following ways:

  1. Provide a good sound system for the new church.
  2. Rental of a prime building in a well known and well traveled part of the city. This is usually a cultural center that is just rented during the times of the church services.
  3. Advertising of the new church. Our goal with each new church is to put a piece of literature in each house or apartment of the city three times a year inviting them to the church. This will be done by mobilizing the initial church members and members from churches in other cities.
  4. Partial payment of the new pastors salary. This will last about six months.
  5. Teaching materials for the church and additional training for the new pastor.