January 14, 2024

Hello Special Friends,

This month we start our 43rd year as missionaries. It was 1982 when we left the USA for this amazing new adventure in our lives.

When we got these first passports in 1981 we wondered how many times we would actually need them.

Wow, now look at all these passports we have gone through. That is what happens when you’re missionaries for 40 plus years. Some of these passports are from our four children, three of which were born overseas. There were even more passports, these are just the ones we still have.

Many times we had to get new ones when there were no more pages to put country stamps in them.

Now in 2024, we continue in what we believe God first led us to do so many years ago soon after we moved to Budapest, Hungary. Reaching the Nations of Eastern Europe with the Gospel.

This year we will once again work with key nationals leaders to help them start churches in cities and towns with no or few churches in them.

Later this week I will be in Hungary, Czech Republic and Slovakia. With more stamps in the passport when I enter and leave Europe.

This year once again we will look to help start at least SEVEN churches in the nations of Eastern Europe. We have been doing this same thing since 2001.

Later this week I will once again be in Hungary, Slovakia and Czech Republic meeting with key friends we have worked with for many years.

Someone told us a few years ago that we needed to get a “NEW VISION”, as we have been doing the same thing for so many years.

Our thinking is that God hasn’t directed us to do anything “new”. Until He does we will keep doing what we feel he has lead us to do. Help Start New Churches!

We have seen over 300 churches started since the year 2001. We do this working with key pastors in all the countries we work in and help them fulfill their vision to reach their countries.

We invest $4000 in each of these new churches. We are so excited to see at least SEVEN more started this year.

It’s going to be amazing to see what will happen this year in God’s Plan.

Thank you for helping us.

Jim and Brenda

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