August 23, 2023

Hello Special Friends,

Thank you for visiting our website to keep you posted on the ministry that God has called us too.

You may remember we have FOUR grandkids now and three of them are now in school or preschool.

It’s so nice to see the photos of them on their first day of school with their new clothes and the gleam of both excitement and nervousness in their eyes.

I am sure from day one of school they will have many new friends just as we did and our own kids did so long ago.

Here is one of our grandkids with her first day of school afternoon treat. So cute.

For part of September we will be in Budapest and Eastern Europe ministering and reaching that part of the world.

We are amazed how things have worked out since we relocated to Florida in January and how easy it’s been to continue the ministry that God has put in our hearts so many years ago.

So in September we will be in Hungary, Croatia, Slovenia and Slovakia.

We continue to work with key leaders in all these countries to help them start churches in so many cities and towns with few or no churches in them. You will enjoy reading about one of the couples we work with below, Miroslav and his wife Snežana in Serbia.

Earlier this week I was on the phone with one of my longtime Slovak friend, Miroslav.

Miroslav is from Slovakia and his wife Snežana is from Serbia. He and his wife are good friends of ours.

We first met them back in 1999 when we were ministering in a church in Poprad, Slovakia. They were then just 19 years old and Miroslav was my interpreter as I ministered.

Throughout the years he and I ministered together in Czech Republic, Serbia, Croatia, Slovenia, Montenegro and Macedonia.

In the photos throughout the years we have known them you see Miroslav interpreting for Brenda, his family in a car we helped them buy and me meeting him for coffee before a church service we were to speak at.

In the last 20 years or so he has been in ministry on his own and has started many churches throughout Eastern Europe. They pastor a church in Serbia now, where they now live and continue to reach all the nations around him.

It’s people like these that we have connected with and we are always amazed at how God has taken these young people who are started out as interpreters for us and are now considered key Christian leaders in their countries.

Miroslav and Snežana are just two of many, many leaders God has connected us with in the TEN countries we work in Eastern Europe.

They are making an impact in the nations. We are privileged to call them friends

In September several new churches will be started that we helped to fund with key pastors in Poland. These are always exciting times when a new church opens its doors. We are so grateful that we are a small part of helping these new pastors and churches.

As we always say, we are so grateful to those that help us on a regular basis to do what we do. We are well aware we could not do what we do without your generous and faithful support.

In Awe of His Faithfulness

Jim and Brenda

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