June 21, 2021

Hello Friends,

We have have been in America for three weeks now and are totally enjoying our time here in the USA.  We will be here until mid-August then return for our 24th year of serving in Eastern Europe.

Since arriving in America we have gotten to so our kids/grandkids and so many family members that we hadn’t seen in two years.  It’s been wonderful and so refreshing.   Sometimes our grandkids just want to sit in our laps, snuggle up next to us and continually follow us around.  There are no words that can explain the feelings that gives us.

So while. we are here in the USA we are doing all we can to enjoy our time here. In July we will take a driving vacation out in the Western United States.  We will fly to Colorado, spend a few days with my family (Jim), then drive to Wyoming, South Dakota, Mount Rushmore, then to Glacier National Park, Montana and finally end up in Oregon.  Along the way we will visit family and friends.

We wanted to see America from the “car windows” instead of at 35,000 in an airplane.  It will be so nice. We will take our time and just enjoy the “journey.”

But never far from our minds is the ministry in Hungary and Eastern Europe. We still absolutely love doing what we do to reach these nations with the Gospel.  We will continue to help start churches, working with key national leaders to reach so many towns that still do have a single church in them.  We will continue to invest $4,000 in each of these new churches.

Once again we thank you for helping us come back to America this summer and take a vacation. Also thank you for helping us reach Eastern Europe. We are well aware that we couldn’t do it with out you.

Enjoying the USA,

Jim and Brenda


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