Summer 2018

Dear Special Friends,
Right now we are loving our time in the USA.  We are getting to see family, friends, spend time with our kids and grandkids, also speaking at some wonderful churches, enjoying some wonderful Mexican food plus even taking a little vacation with just the two of us.  
This is so so refreshing to us, these week we spend in America. So many times we hear other missionaries tell us they get to tired going back to America and have to do so much.  For us, by the Grace of God its never that way. We are always so “refreshed” when we go back to Budapest.  We go back to Hungary totally refreshed and re-engergized to continue doing what God has called us to do in that part of the world.
In early August we will start of 22nd year in Hungary. Even we are so surprised as how long we have been there. Especially since when we move there back in the 90’s we thought we would be there of 0ne to three years.  Man Makes His Plans, But God Guides our Steps”  That what God is doing to us.
So thank you for all you do to help us. We are well aware we couldn’t do what we do with out you and all you give to us. Thank you.  So Goodbye for now as we enjoy these last 8 weeks here in the USA.
These first six months of the year in Hungary have been once again amazing. We are seeing churches started in Bulgaria, Albania and Slovenia and Poland.  Later this year we will see at least six more churches started. Thank.  Thinks are change in Hungary and Eastern Europe. You are helping us to do this.
Smiles and Hugs,  Jim and Brenda 

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