July 2017

Dear Special Friends,

This year once again we will celebrate the 4th of July, Independence Day here in the US. It’s been wonderful for us to spend a few weeks in the USA with our children and getting to see our families and also minister at some churches.

FAMILY . . .While you are reading this, All our kids, except our daughter Alexandra, we will be with us here in Florida. Alexandra stayed in Budapest this summer.

So with all of the rest of our family together it’s like a family reunion with our family growing each year. Our son Ryan and his wife Katie, and grand-baby Micah from Nashville are here. And Nathan and Lori and our grand-baby, Lenora, from Orlando along with our youngest daughter Audri, from West Palm Beach.

Then on July 5, Audrianna will be leaving to EAST ASIA for a ministry trip for the rest of July. We can’t name the places she is going as they are sensitive places where there are few Christians. She is a nervous but also feels the peace of God. We are praying for her, we would ask you to also as you think of her.

Our time in the USA is ALWAYS welcome break from our normal routine in Hungary and our ministry in Eastern Europe. We always love these breaks from the “Mission Field” and Ministry here in Eastern Europe. Even though we are ministering most weekends while we are here, we get to spend time with friends and family and enjoy America.

You may have read last month that we are going to take a vacation to California at the end of July. We plan on driving up the Pacific Coast Highway. We will also visit two of my sisters (Jim’s) that live there. We are so looking forward to it.

God is continuing to guide our steps as we continue to work with key leaders to help them start churches throughout Eastern Europe. We are always so excited to be able to make such an amazing impact on so many lives by helping to start these churches. We continue to invest $4000.00 in each of these new works to help get them started. We want to help start at least FIFTEEN churches again this year. We have the finances for EIGHT of them already. We are so, so thrilled and encouraged.

Loving our Lives as Missionaries in Hungary,

Jim and Brenda

PS. Prayerfully look at the Special Note for our Vacation in California this Summer.

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