April 26, 2022

Dear Friends,

This year 2022, is not at all like we thought it would be for us.

We thought that with the pandemic issues mainly over in this part of the world we could get back to being focused on helping pastors and leaders to help start more churches in the so many cities and towns that still don’t a church that shares the gospel.

But then the war in Ukraine started on February 24. Since that time we have worked with pastors in Poland and Bulgaria and here in Hungary to coordinate AID to some of the the millions of refugees that have fled Ukraine. We are doing just a small part.

We feel like it’s so important for us to be here at this time.

In the midst of this, we hope to still see at least 10 churches started this year.

Special Family Updates;   Brenda’s Mom is Now in Heaven

From Brenda.   “On Thursday April 14 My Sweet, Beautiful Mama went to be with Jesus! We are missing her so much! But we are praising God that she is with Him”!

I flew to Florida (Brenda) on Wednesday April 13 and my Mom passed the next morning.

I was so thankful I was there with my family and we shared so many special memories of her. It was a really precious time.

God is so good! Just a few days before my Mom went to be with Jesus, He sent us our new grand-son, Miles Atlas, who was born to Nathan and Lori in Orlando on April 7.

My time with our newest grand-baby was such a gift from God. It was so wonderful to see his little toes and tiny fingers.

Seeing our son Nathan and Lori and our grand-daughter Lenora, was so so sweet. We now have four grand-kids. It is so nice being a grandmother.

So in the midst of losing my mother it was such a gift to see this new little life coming into our family.

We are more excited than ever about what God has called us to do in this part of the world. Thank you for helping us do it.

In Awe of His Faithfulness,

Jim and Brenda 

March 13 2022

Hello Special Friends,

It was just two weeks ago we sent our last update about what is happening here in Eastern Europe and the war in Ukraine and all the refugees.

Our hearts continue to break as we see not only the news on TV and online but also seeing the refugees in person as they arrive here in Hungary, fleeing the war in the neighboring country, Ukraine.

However you see it on the TV in the US, it’s much more intense over here as it’s right next to all these countries. Some people are nervous that the war will spread.

There is a lot of Aid that has arrived here in all the countries around Ukraine to help the refugees. So many from America, and Hungary and around the world have given so much to help.

With us living here we are able to do “targeting aid”. That is giving to people we have contact with to directly help them with their immediate needs, like food, and places to stay and so many of the basic needs they have.

Most are grandmothers and the elderly and mothers with children.

You may want to watch this short Video by clicking here or the image for an update on what we are doing.

There are over 2 million refugees already. Most have gone to Poland but hundreds of thousands of others have gone to Slovakia, Romania, and Bulgaria. But the second most have come here to Hungary with over 200,000.

As soon as they cross the border from Ukraine, Hungary provides free Humanitarian trains so they can come to Budapest.. The border towns are not equipped to handle the refugees.

Budapest is well equipped to help them and many of the refugees go on from Budapest to different places throughout Europe to stay with friends or family until they can return home to Ukraine. But many stay in Hungary.

This week I was at one of the train stations where the refugees arrive. I was there with one of my Hungarian Pastor friends to provide Aid.. Just seeing the faces of the mothers with their children with just a small suitcase with all their belongings, it breaks your heart.

We have been able to help coordinate the funding and distribution of Aid in Hungary, Poland and Bulgaria through some of the Pastor Friends we have in those countries. So many have given Aid from America to help these people. Thank you!

We don’t know what the future holds with the war or how long it will last. But one thing we know for sure is so many peoples lives are changed forever and are devastated.

We are glad we are here, to help some of them. What we are doing is small compared to so many other Aid Organizations. But to the people receiving it. it means so much.

Trusting God in Challenging Times,

Jim and Brenda

Updated March 1 2022

Dear Special Friends,

Ukraine is right next to Hungary.

You may have been following the news in the last week and read and see the things that are happening in Ukraine. You may feel


like we do, so sad for so many, many people that are devastated and lives changed forever by this senseless act of one man’s ambition.

Even as you read this the events almost certainly have changed from today when we are writing this update. Ukraine borders Hungary just to the east. Hungary has opened its borders to all Ukrainian refugees but most are fleeing to Poland.

But still as of today over 100,000 have come to Hungary fleeing the war.  We don’t know how many are flooding into Romania and other countries…

Even today I was in contact with one of the churches we helped to start in Eastern Hungary and Krakow, Poland. They are helping so many of those that are fleeing the war in Ukraine and coming to Hungary and Poland.

I have been to Ukraine throughout the years and we have helped to start churches in Ukraine and hearing so many of the Christians stories of what they are suffering is hard to imagine.

So many friends in America have been in contact with us in the last few days letting us know they are praying for us and concerned for us. This is so so helpful and encouraging to us.

Of course in Hungary this is the non-stop news and what happens with this war impacts all of the former Communist countries that used to be under the Soviet Union.

So as you can imagine how you feel in America about this, imagine how you would feel living in the countries all around this area.

In the midst of all this we go forward with what we feel God is leading us to do. In the coming weeks I will be in Slovenia, and Albania again. In this midst of all this we still see so much opportunity to reach people in this part of the world.

We are doing all we can while we can. Thank you for helping us do this.

Special Family News….

On February 18 our youngest daughter Audrianna, got married and we are so thankful we were able to come back to the USA for the wedding. It was so nice and special and very relaxing. Both our boys, Nathan and Ryan and their families got to come to the wedding too and it was amazingly nice having all of us together.

Audrianna is now Mrs. Barry O’Sullivan and we like him very much and fits in our family so well. They came to Budapest for Christmas so we got to know him quite well. We are so happy he is a strong Christian. Both of his parents were born in Ireland and he took vacations to Ireland and Europe often growing up.

This is so nice as Audrianna was just eight months old when she moved to Budapest and most of her life has been on the mission field with us.

They will live in West Palm Beach, Florida. But plan to visit us as often as they can.

Loving Serving Our Lord,

Jim and Brenda

January 2022

Dear Friends,

2022…  Wow… We feel this is going to be another amazing year for us as we serve here in Budapest and all of Eastern Europe.

It was FOURTY YEARS AGO this month in January 1982 that we first left the USA to become foreign missionaries.  Now 40 years later we still absolutely love doing what we get to do, reaching the nations with the Gospel.   Photo from 1980’s and 2022.

Since the year 2000, we have seen over 300 new churches started.  Sometimes they are the only church in the town.

Thank you for helping us do what we do.

Every year in January as we make plans for the year we look to see how we can be most effective in making an impact on the nations we work in here in Eastern Europe.  Since the year 2000, 20 years ago we have worked with key pastors in these countries to help them start churches.

So this year we are looking to see at least SEVEN new churches.  They will be started in Albania, Poland, Bulgaria and I’m sure others.  We are already working with pastors and making plans.

We will continue to invest $4000.00 in each of these new churches to help them get started. We have the finances for two of them alrea



When we look back to January 1982 when we left the USA to begin as missionaries, we are amazed at all the places we have been able to serve, like Costa Rica and Russia.  Now we are in our 23rd year here in Hungary and we are more in AWE then ever.  Thank you for helping us do this.

So we are EXPECTING great things in 2022.


In Awe of His Faithfulness,


Jim and Brenda

December 6 2021

Dear James,

We always so love this time of the year. For us it’s a time to slow down and just enjoy the whole Christmas Season. We try not to get pushed into all the “busyness” that can so easily take over our lives. We do all we can to “Remember that Jesus is the Reason for the Season.”

You may enjoy the TWO MINUTE video Christmas update by clicking the video below.

For us here in Budapest we decorate our house to make it feel like the Christmas’s that have so many memories. We have some of the special decorations we have had for years and years.

So as we celebrate our 25th Christmas here in Hungary this year, our two daughters will be with us. Our son’s and their families will be in Orlando and Nashville. We will miss being with them.

We will watch Christmas Movies and many Hallmark Movies and the wonderful smells of Christmas will be in our house with all the baking.

This year has been another wonderful year of serving and reaching this part of the world with the Gospel. Thank you for helping us do this!

So from our house to yours, “Merry Christmas” from Budapest,

Brenda and Jim

November 20, 2021

Dear Special Friends,

On November 8th we celebrated 41 years of being married.  Back when we said “I DO” in Gainesville, Florida we never dreamed of where “life” and God would take us.  It’s been an amazing and wonderful time. Anniversaries in America, Costa Rica, Russia and Hungary.  41 years!!!

Now here in Hungary we celebrated by taking the day to visit one of the historical Hungarian Castles/Palaces (Gödöll?),  just outside of Budapest. It was wonderful as we talked, walked, and just enjoyed the day and the memories of the last 41 years. So nice it was….

We love the Fall Season and the coming Holidays so much.  We have had so many Thanksgivings and Christmass here and we have always loved them.  Of course we miss our families during these times, but we have always been so thankful we get to do what we do as missionaries.

Special Ministry Update . . .  This past month and a half I have been in Slovenia, Bulgaria, Poland, Croatia and Bulgaria. Even though we have been working with pastors to start so many churches all these years, we are always humbled when we get to talk and hear the stories of the people we work with and how committed they are to reaching their countries with the Gospel.

Some of the of the names of the people I met with are Zoran, Marek, Anton, Stoyko, Klara, Milena and Hervin.  Names that are not common in English, but amazing people in our eyes. If you would meet them, we are sure you would agree and feel the same way.

This has been another amazing year of ministry, with almost two months to go.  We are expecting great things.  Plus looking to see at least SIX churches started next year. We are already planning….  We continue to focus on cities and towns with no or sometimes few churches.   We continue to invest $4000 in each of these new works.  Thank you For helping us change the cities and towns of Eastern Europe….One city and town at a time…

In Awe of His Faithfulness,

Jim and Brenda


P.S. We would ask you to prayerfully give a SPECIAL CHRISTMAS OFFERING… You can do it by TEXTING “cmiworld” to 77977 or by sending an offering to our office in Jacksonville.


September 23, 2021

Dear Special Friends,

We are already having an amazing start to the Fall Season here in Hungary.  We are so excited about these last few months of 2021.

Like many people in the world, these last 18 months have been different for us and our ministry over here.  For us it’s not been able to travel to countries like Bulgaria, Macedonia and Poland like we have done for the last 20 years.  Normally we would be visiting so many of the churches and leaders we work with on almost a weekly basis.

But we have had to adjust like so many people, families, churches, etc.

We remain so encouraged about the future.

Even yesterday I spoke to one of our key leaders we work with in Albania.  This Albanian Pastor right away talked to me about more churches he wants to start there.  We are excited with him as, of course we will help him do it.

So we go forward looking forward to what God is going to do the rest not only of this year, but plans for 2022.

One of the countries we have been able to travel to easily is the nation of Croatia, which is just to the south of Hungary.  Its been wonderful to see a new church started there just earlier this month that we were able to help them with.

We stay excited. We stay focused on what we feel has called us to do.  We stay in FAITH!  We expect Great Things.

Thank you for standing with us in all we do here in Hungary and the Nations of Eastern Europe.

In Awe of His Faithfulness,

Jim and Brenda

August 1, 2021

Dear Special Friends,

We are in the midst of an amazing summer here in America.   In just a couple of weeks we will be back in Hungary and Eastern Europe to start our 25th year there.

After being away almost two years from America we have been able to “almost” make up for it by seeing our kids/grandkids and family and friends all summer.

We are so enjoying our time in the USA.  We believe America’s Greatest Days are still ahead of her.  We get to be a apart of them.

But this summer we are  relaxing and resting and so enjoying ourselves.  In July we took a long vacation our WEST.  We started out in Denver and got a car and traveled to Wyoming, South Dakota, Mount Rushmore, Montana, Idaho, Washington and ended the trip in Tillamook, Oregon along the Pacific Coast.  Along the way we saw family and friends and hiked so much.

At the end of the vacation we were so RELAXED AND REFRESHED.   Having lived overseas for almost all of the last 4o years it was wonderful to see America from the “car windows.”  America is soooo beautiful.

We are also so looking forward to getting back “home” to Eastern Europe and continuing what God has for us there.  We will continue to help key pastors and leaders in all these countries to help start new churches.

Thank you for helping us do what we do. Please know we well know we couldn’t do what we do without your generous support.

Jim and Brenda



June 21, 2021

Hello Friends,

We have have been in America for three weeks now and are totally enjoying our time here in the USA.  We will be here until mid-August then return for our 24th year of serving in Eastern Europe.

Since arriving in America we have gotten to so our kids/grandkids and so many family members that we hadn’t seen in two years.  It’s been wonderful and so refreshing.   Sometimes our grandkids just want to sit in our laps, snuggle up next to us and continually follow us around.  There are no words that can explain the feelings that gives us.

So while. we are here in the USA we are doing all we can to enjoy our time here. In July we will take a driving vacation out in the Western United States.  We will fly to Colorado, spend a few days with my family (Jim), then drive to Wyoming, South Dakota, Mount Rushmore, then to Glacier National Park, Montana and finally end up in Oregon.  Along the way we will visit family and friends.

We wanted to see America from the “car windows” instead of at 35,000 in an airplane.  It will be so nice. We will take our time and just enjoy the “journey.”

But never far from our minds is the ministry in Hungary and Eastern Europe. We still absolutely love doing what we do to reach these nations with the Gospel.  We will continue to help start churches, working with key national leaders to reach so many towns that still do have a single church in them.  We will continue to invest $4,000 in each of these new churches.

Once again we thank you for helping us come back to America this summer and take a vacation. Also thank you for helping us reach Eastern Europe. We are well aware that we couldn’t do it with out you.

Enjoying the USA,

Jim and Brenda


May 2021

Dear Special Friends,

We, like all people around the world, want the pandemic behind us.  But we continue to move forward in all that we feel God has called us to do here in Eastern Europe.

As I write this update to you we are in Croatia once again. Croatia is to the south of Hungary and we have been doing ministry in this country for the last 20 years, basing out of Budapest, Hungary.

Even yesterday we were at a church service here that was held outdoors in a Park near the Adriatic Sea.  The Pastors we know here are so committed to reaching their nation.

Some people don’t know that Croatia just became a country in 1991.  Before that it was part of the former Yugoslavia.

So we continue to go forward with the VISION we feel God has given us for the last 20 plus year. Reaching the nations of Eastern Europe with the Gospel.

This summer will be be taking a trip back to the USA.  Last summer because of the COVID situation we did not go back to the USA like we normally always did.

So we are so excited to see our kids and grandkids and families.  We have a new grandson that is over a year old that we have never seen.  Plus we will take a vacation out West.

We know that we have been missionaries for over 38 years now, because we get to take these short breaks from the mission field. We always come back refreshed and with excited new vision to go forward.

Even now we are planning with Pastors in Poland, Bulgaria and Albania to see churches started in September.

Thank you for doing all you do to help us. Please know it is NEVER taken for granted.

Jim and Brenda