February 15 2023

Dear Special Friends,

We are doing wonderful and so excited about what God is going to do in 2023. There has been some changes in our lives and we are thrilled about this too.

We are doing great personally and the ministry is doing wonderful too.

We wanted to update you on something that has changed. After over 25 years in Budapest and 41 years as foreign missionaries, we have decided to relocate from Budapest to Florida. We will continue doing our ministry in Hungary and Eastern Europe, just that we will be basing out of Florida for at least this year.

You may know that three of our four kids are now married and we have four grandkids and it’s so nice to be able to see them much more often.

So we will continue our ministry in Eastern Europe, working with pastors and key leaders in the countries there and helping to see new churches started. This year we want to see at least another seven churches started where we invest at least $4000 in each one as start up seed.

I will be traveling over there five or six times a year, The last week of January I was in Hungary, Macedonia, and Slovenia. At the end of this month I will be in Hungary, Bulgaria and other countries too.

We still have that part of the world so much in our hearts and have so many many friends there.

So, we just wanted to let you know that we will continue the ministry over there, just changed the place we will base out of. We are excited about 2023.

Just two weeks ago I was in the nation of Macedonia meeting with a Pastor we have been working with for many, many years there. Working with Angel and Daniela we have been able to see three churches started over the years through them in their country.

It’s people like them that we have relationships with for so many years. Seeing them day after day and year after year working in to reach their nations with the gospel gets us so excited that we get to work along side them to help start more churches in this part of the world.

So many friends in so many countries like Albania and Bulgaria and Slovenia and Poland. So many very committed people reaching their nations for Christ.

We never take for granted how God has blessed us with our special family. Our four children have grown up all over the world, yet wherever we lived, whether in the jungles of Costa Rica or in Russia or for over 25 years in Budapest, Hungary. They have always just seen where we lived as “home”.

Now so many years later when they have families of their own it’s wonderful to see them with their own children and how they cherish their growing up years. To them it’s always been just “home”.

Even though they have experienced so many different languages and cultures. It’s so interesting to us to hear them speak of their own memories of growing up overseas now through their own words.

Anyway we are so blessed, as now we have four grandkids and we get to see them more.

Expecting Great things in 2023.

Jim and Brenda

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