November 20, 2021

Dear Special Friends,

On November 8th we celebrated 41 years of being married.  Back when we said “I DO” in Gainesville, Florida we never dreamed of where “life” and God would take us.  It’s been an amazing and wonderful time. Anniversaries in America, Costa Rica, Russia and Hungary.  41 years!!!

Now here in Hungary we celebrated by taking the day to visit one of the historical Hungarian Castles/Palaces (Gödöll?),  just outside of Budapest. It was wonderful as we talked, walked, and just enjoyed the day and the memories of the last 41 years. So nice it was….

We love the Fall Season and the coming Holidays so much.  We have had so many Thanksgivings and Christmass here and we have always loved them.  Of course we miss our families during these times, but we have always been so thankful we get to do what we do as missionaries.

Special Ministry Update . . .  This past month and a half I have been in Slovenia, Bulgaria, Poland, Croatia and Bulgaria. Even though we have been working with pastors to start so many churches all these years, we are always humbled when we get to talk and hear the stories of the people we work with and how committed they are to reaching their countries with the Gospel.

Some of the of the names of the people I met with are Zoran, Marek, Anton, Stoyko, Klara, Milena and Hervin.  Names that are not common in English, but amazing people in our eyes. If you would meet them, we are sure you would agree and feel the same way.

This has been another amazing year of ministry, with almost two months to go.  We are expecting great things.  Plus looking to see at least SIX churches started next year. We are already planning….  We continue to focus on cities and towns with no or sometimes few churches.   We continue to invest $4000 in each of these new works.  Thank you For helping us change the cities and towns of Eastern Europe….One city and town at a time…

In Awe of His Faithfulness,

Jim and Brenda


P.S. We would ask you to prayerfully give a SPECIAL CHRISTMAS OFFERING… You can do it by TEXTING “cmiworld” to 77977 or by sending an offering to our office in Jacksonville.


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