September 23, 2021

Dear Special Friends,

We are already having an amazing start to the Fall Season here in Hungary.  We are so excited about these last few months of 2021.

Like many people in the world, these last 18 months have been different for us and our ministry over here.  For us it’s not been able to travel to countries like Bulgaria, Macedonia and Poland like we have done for the last 20 years.  Normally we would be visiting so many of the churches and leaders we work with on almost a weekly basis.

But we have had to adjust like so many people, families, churches, etc.

We remain so encouraged about the future.

Even yesterday I spoke to one of our key leaders we work with in Albania.  This Albanian Pastor right away talked to me about more churches he wants to start there.  We are excited with him as, of course we will help him do it.

So we go forward looking forward to what God is going to do the rest not only of this year, but plans for 2022.

One of the countries we have been able to travel to easily is the nation of Croatia, which is just to the south of Hungary.  Its been wonderful to see a new church started there just earlier this month that we were able to help them with.

We stay excited. We stay focused on what we feel has called us to do.  We stay in FAITH!  We expect Great Things.

Thank you for standing with us in all we do here in Hungary and the Nations of Eastern Europe.

In Awe of His Faithfulness,

Jim and Brenda

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