August 20, 2020

Dear Friends,

We are so enjoying our summer here in Budapest. Of course we miss seeing our families in the US but we have made the decision not to dwell on things we can’t really control.

Mexican Food is my favorite (Jim) kind of food and I can never have too much of it. So for my birthday Brenda took me to the local Mexican Restaurant here in Budapest called La Iguana.. As you can imagine it’s just a little different than maybe what you might find in the US but we love it. Of course I had Chicken Fajitas and Brenda some kind of Tortilla dish.

We think you will enjoy the three minute video below. We share just a little of how we travel over here and show some of the neat people we get to work with. Just click the video Link here.

Click Here or the Photo Below to Watch The 3 Minutes Video

As we always say, thank you for helping us reach this part of the world with the gospel. In the midst of all that is happening in the United States and around the world, the gospel goes forward. 

Since we moved here in 1997 we have lost track of how many times we have traveled to all these countries that we work and minister in.

In the first years we moved here there were very few highways in Hungary and Eastern Europe. So we took trains a lot. That was and still is so nice.

Now there are highways going in all different directions from Budapest. Here they call highways “Autópálya” (Hungarian) or use the German word, “AUTOBAHN.”

Now it’s pretty easy, even going to Slovenia or Serbia for the day and may other countries and coming back in the same day. There are speed limits on the highways. It’s usually 130 kilometers per hour. Which is in the low 80’s in mph.

The highways are very safe and we love to take them everywhere. Sometimes we take the trains or even fly as it’s pretty convenient. Budapest has direct flights to to all the major cities in the countries of Eastern Europe.

Fortunately we both love to travel so rarely do we get tired of going to so many places. The nice thing about living in Budapest in the center of Eastern Europe is that when we do travel we usually are not gone for more than one or two nights. We so like “our own Bed and Pillows.”

In Awe of HIS Faithfulness!

Jim and Brenda

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