March 2020

Hello Special Friends,

Sometimes I wish you could be with us as we serve over here in Budapest and Eastern Europe. We think you would be amazed, just as we are, when you meet some of the people from all these countries we get to work with. They have such passion to reach their communities and nations with the Gospel. Its contagious.

Even though we work with 10 languages, most of the people we work with speak some English. But still after all these years of serving here, we are still so thrilled to visit churches where the worship is in Slovenian, Polish, Hungarian, Bulgarian and other languages.

Sometimes we recognize the Worship Song and sing along in English.

But even when we don’t know the words or the songs, it often gives us chills to know we are a part of seeing this church started and so many people impacted with the Gospel.

This year we are looking to see another THIRTEEN churches started. We invest $4000 in each of these churches. We have the finances for four of them already.

2020 is already an amazing year. But the best is YET TO COME!

Amazing things happening in Albania… 

Hervin and Sedika are some of the people we work with in Albania. We helped them start their church in the Capital City of Tirana back in 2001.

Since that time we have helped them start an additional twelve churches throughout Albania.

When you partner with us… You are also reaching Albania… Even this year we want to see at least TWO MORE CHURCHES started there.

During Communism, Albania was one of the most closed countries in the WORLD. Now there is so much opportunity…

Jim and Brenda

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