September 2018

Dear Special Partner,

As I write this note to you we are sitting here in the living room of our house here in Budapest.

We are just talking about how blessed we are to have people like you that stand with us in all we do. We are thinking back 21 years ago when we moved to here with our four children.  Back in 1997 when we came here we thought we would be here maybe one to three years.  “Man makes his Plans but God guides our steps..”  Proverbs.

Since that time we have seen over 250 churches started, all the way from Poland to the north to Bulgaria and Albania  to the south.

And now we are here in Hungary with three of our four children now living in the USA. We got to see a lot of them this summer and our two grandchildren.  Its so nice to see our boys now have families and just watch them from the background of how they raise their kids. Im sure our parents did the same for us. Just watched and gave is wisdom when we asked.  We thank God all our children are serving the Lord and involved in churches.

So as we finish the last days of Summer and enter Fall we continue to do what we feel God has called us to do over here in Hungary and Eastern Europe.

As always, thank you for helping us do what we are doing. We are well aware that we couldn’t do anything without you standing with us.

In Awe of His Faithfulness.

Brenda and Jim

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