April 1, 2017

We Love SpringTime in Budapest

Dear Friends,

We love the Spring  . . . It’s OUR favorite Season  . . .  Things bloom, weather goes from cold to warm, and I can go running without wearing tons of clothes . . .  Everyone one seems happy and things seem, just more alive . . . This year Budapest had one of the coldest winters in the last 20 years so we are especially happy to see Spring.

So today it’s about 70 degrees and the doors are open and I’m thinking  about the coming weeks where I will totally enjoy going to Macedonia, Poland and Bulgaria.

Social Media,  . . . FACEBOOK – INSTAGRAM – TWITTER – Their in the news and in our lives everyday.  . . . Some people love

it and post daily and others hate it. Quite often it depends on your age.

Some of the churches we help to start are full of young people and their target is young people. So they use Social Media to the greatest advantage to reach these young people.

One of these churches is in Krakow, Poland. We helped Zibi and his wife Magda, start Krakow City Church about eight years ago, in this city of more than one million.

Krakow is one of our favorite cities in all the world. I first visited Krakow in 1995 when I took a train from Moscow to Poland.  I loved it then and love it more now. So much history.

It’s full of young people and life. 125,000 University Students live there. In this city Zibi is using Social Media to the fullest extent, using FACEBOOK, Twitter and Instagram to reach these young people and engage them in the Life Changing Gospel.

I love Zibi and Magda as they never comprise on the message of the Gospel and are always looking for a way that is relevant to the generation of young POLES to reach them.

Now his church is thriving and full of life and changing lives each week.

Krakow, Poland is just one of many cities we are reaching like this. In Macedonia, or Bulgaria or Albania, pastors are doing all they can to make THIS GOSPEL, GOOD NEWS, relevant to the young and old people of Eastern Europe.

They are succeeding, because they are willing to do whatever it takes to reach this generation with the gospel.  We are thrilled to work with them to do this.

This year we are once again looking to see FIFTEEN

new churches started. We have the funds for FOUR of them. We invest $4000.00 in each of these new churches.   Prayerfully consider if you can help with a special gift this year to help us do this.


Brenda – The Gardener

One of Brenda’s little projects every year is planting flowers in front of our house. Almost all our neighbours’ have flowers in their yards and planters on their window and they look so beautiful.

So every year about this time Brenda is in front of our house planting the flowers and in a few weeks our house is aglow with beautiful bright, colourful flowers.

So here she was last week getting ready to plant the flowers. She put on her old jeans and gloves before she starting digging in the dirt.

Me, (Jim) I just took the photo.  She lets me mow the grass.


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