Special May Update

Dear Special Friends,

This past week I was in Prague, Czech Republic. I was meeting with yet another key Christian leader here in Eastern Europe. Pter, (Peter) works for TEEN CHALLENGE and is involved in helping those on drugs get free.

Czech is one of over ten countries we work in but Czech is unique in the fact that it’s one of the most “atheistic” countries in Europe. Over 20% of the people don’t even believe there is a God.

In the midst of this way of thinking the people will talk to you about God. They are always happy to talk to you about Jesus, but they just don’t believe it. Most are just trying to raise their families and live their lives, WITHOUT GOD.

It was in 1995 when I first visited Czech and about 2003 when we helped start our first church in Czech.  It was a Gypsy Church in a city on the Eastern side of the country and that church is still going strong today.

Throughout the years we have been able to start over FIVE more churches in this ATHEISTIC country seeing so many come to Christ.

One of the neat things that we have always noticed is that even though people may say they are an ATHEIST, when they encounter a crisis in their lives they go to someone who believes in God. When someone is diagnosed with CANCER or a child gets hooked on drugs, they don’t go to another atheist for answers or help. They go to the person who knows GOD.

Town In Czech Republic

So in the midst of countries like Czech and others in this part of the world we continue to reach people of all kinds. Those that may or may not believe there is a God, and those that believe there is a GOD but need help in understanding GOD DOES LOVE THEM and GOD DOES CARE about them.

It’s always so exciting for us to visit these churches we have helped to start and meet person after person who at one time wondered iF GOD was real, and now glows with the love of Christ on their face.

Loving our Lives as Missionaries in Hungary,


Jim and Brenda

PS. Can you or your church help start a church in Eastern Europe?  We give $4000.00 to each new church. Can you help this year on this?

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