April – May Update From Budapest

Hello Special Friends,

Blessings from Budapest once again.

Sometimes i wish you could be with me here as we minister and talk to some of the amazing leaders we work with. If you were with me you would hear story after story of how people’s lives are being transformed through some of these local churches we have been privileged to help start.

Last week I was in once again in Bulgaria. While I was there I shot the video below. We think you will enjoy hearing what is going on in that country. I got to hear amazing stories from a Bulgarian Pastor, whose name is Grozdan and his wife Slavica. We helped them start a church in 20 in Sofia, the capital of Bulgaria.

They shared with me the impact their church is making on the neighborhood where the church is. One of the programs that they have is a special needs school for children with Autism. They shared how not only the children are seeing great results but how the parents are in awe that this church would provide this special school.

This is just one sample of stories that we hear on almost a weekly basis of how these churches are changing individuals lives. We are humbled that we get to be a a part of it.

This year we once again have the opportunity to help start TWO more churches in Bulgaria.

Even now I am in contact with these leaders there and they are ready to start these churches in the coming months. Can you help us do this? We invest $4,000 in each of these churches.

It always amazes us after all these years of doing this, that we get to be a part of seeing so many lives impacted by these new churches.

We Miss Seeing Our Grand-kids Grow Up . . . But . . .

As you can imagine living so far away from our kids and grand-kids can sometimes make us feel a little sad. But our kids in the USA are so good about sending us photos and talking with us on FACETIME.

Just about every week we talk to them and now they are getting old enough to talk to us. We use todays technology in every way we can to talk to them. But its still not the same as being there.

This summer we will be in America for several weeks again and we will for sure get to spend lots of time with them...

This was “Grandma Brenda” with our Grandson, Micah in Nashville.



February – March 2018

Dear Special Friends,
Brenda is very involved in the local church here in Budapest. She goes to both Hungarian and English “Life Groups” where she connects with people in the church.
So even though we are missionaries and work with churches throughout Eastern Europe, we attend local churches here in Budapest.
Even in our area of the city we live in she seems to know everyone. She has no hesitation to talk to anyone and after a few minutes they are friends.
Over a year ago she was walking with our daughter Alexandra in a park in Budapest. She saw an elderly lady on a bench by herself. Brenda began to talk with her and now they are good friends.
The lady turns out to have been a Auschwitz Concentration Camp Survivor. She is Jewish and Brenda visits her almost every week. She calls Brenda, “Az én Amerikai Barátom. – “My American Friend.”
Brenda is so honoured and blessed by her friendship.
Sometimes I wish you could be with us as we serve in this part of the world. Even yesterday I was in the country of Slovenia meeting with a key leader there. He told me over and over what a blessing our ministry was to helping reach his nation.
Slovenia, may be a small country, and probably most people couldn’t find it on a map, but the churches are making an impact there. Even last year we helped to start three churches Slovenia.
On Friday of this week I will be in Czech Republic and next week I will be in Serbia. We love doing what we do. Thank you for helping us reach this part of the world.
This year we want to help start two more churches in Slovenia, along with at least 10 others throughout Eastern Europe.
In next months e-letter we will show videos of some of the churches so you can see first hand the worship and faces of the individuals whose lives are being transformed.

You can also hear some of the testimonies in the video here.
Everything we do depends on working with these key pastors that we are helping to start these new churches. Without them our work wouldn’t be very effective.
But working with them we are helping to change cities and towns in this part of the world.
This year we will once again look to help start at least TWELVE churches in this part of the world. The pastor here in the photo is a Hungarian named Daniel. He is working with us to start churches in the Eastern part of Hungary near the Ukraine.
We would ask you to prayerfully consider giving this ministry a special gift in the coming weeks.
This has already started out to be another great year of ministry here in Hungary and in Eastern Europe. We are EXPECTING so much to happen and so many live to be changed. Thank you for helping to make it happen.
But….We have some special needs in the coming weeks. So anything that you can give would be so helpful.

January 2018

Dear Special Friends,

Wow…Welcome to year 2018!

It was 36 years ago today that we started our lives as missionaries.   We remember so well that day when we got on an airplane in Miami to fly to San Jose, Costa Rica.

Wow, January 1982. We could never have imagined all the amazing things that have happened because we stepped out in faith to go and do what we felt God had put in our hearts.

Living in Costa Rica, Russia and now here Hungary since 1997 it’s been an amazing “ride.” We have loved it all and still love doing what we do!  

So many people gave us little chance as missionaries. Others said we were not qualified and I remember someone telling me even after being missionaries a few years that, “we had no business being missionaries.” But God quite often uses the most unlikely people.

In the natural maybe these people were right. We probably really weren’t qualified as missionaries, but God saw something many people couldn’t. Now here we are THIRTY-SIX YEARS LATER still serving and loving what we do.

And we are still excited about what God has for us this year, 2018!

Our Plans For 2018 – To Help Start Another 10 Churches!

Can You or Your Church Help Us Do This?

 We will invest about $4,000 in each of these new churches. We work with key national leaders in each country to start these churches. Each of these new churches is pastored by a national who speaks the language and knows the culture. The money we invest is enough to help for the first twelve to twenty-four months. By then the Pastor has taught his people to begin to support the new church. We primarily help to start the churches in towns that do not have an active evangelical church in them.

In the past EIGHTEEN years we have helped key national leaders start more than 275 churches. Churches that are now making an impact upon their cities. You have helped us do this! This year we will see at least 10 more started.

As we begin our 36th year as missionaries, we are amazed that we get to do what we do and absolutely love being missionaries in Hungary.     

                        Excited About What God is Going to Do in 2018,                                                      

                                    Jim and Brend

PS.  As you make your plans for this new year, prayerfully consider whether the Lord would have you stand with us here in a greater way. Possibly you or your church can help sponsor a new church.

Christmas 2017

Dear Special Friends,

Merry Christmas once again from Budapest, Hungary.

We love the Christmas Season. This will be our 21st Christmas here. We will have our two daughters with us here for Christmas.

When we look back on this year its been so amazing to see all that has happened in this part of the world with the spreading of the Gospel. From Poland to the very north to Bulgaria and Albania to the south and all the countries in-between. Thank you for helping us do this.

Even now we are making plans for next year, 2018. Wow! 2018. Its going to be an exciting year as we will continue to keep reaching this part of the world and start our 36th year as missionaries.

So we will take some time off this month and enjoy our kids that are here in Budapest and enjoy the Christmas Season. Brenda will cook lots of Christmas goodies, we will watch some movies, play games, play in the snow and go out to dinner several times.

But most of all just enjoying time together relaxing and laughing.

So A Special Merry Christmas to you from us here Budapest.

Jim and Brenda

Fall, 2017

Wow, its Fall already. 

People used to tell us as that as we grow older the years will seem to pass faster. I guess in someways that’s been true. We look at our children lives and see both of our boys now in their 30’s we find ourselves thinking back where we were living at their ages. This is even more true too now that we have two grandchildren.

But when we do look back we see all God has done in our lives, all the places we have lived and how faithful God has always been in our lives.  Even now when we see the flooding in Texas  and Hurricane in Florida we realise that we have so much to be grateful for.

So even though we in the last four months of 2017 we are thrilled all that has happening in the minister over here this year. These last four months are going to be exciting too as we have so many opportunities to help start more churches. Thank for helping us do what we do.


In the last couple of weeks I have been to the nations of Slovenia, Albania and Kosovo. It’s been so wonderful to see some of the churches that we have helped to start in the past and see how they are impacting their cities and towns.

Here I am pictured with my Albanian Pastor friend, Hervin. We have worked alongside Hervin for over fifteen years to help him start over ten churches in Albania. In the coming years we want to do many more. Click the link below to find out more about how we help start these churches.

July 2017

Dear Special Friends,

This year once again we will celebrate the 4th of July, Independence Day here in the US. It’s been wonderful for us to spend a few weeks in the USA with our children and getting to see our families and also minister at some churches.

FAMILY . . .While you are reading this, All our kids, except our daughter Alexandra, we will be with us here in Florida. Alexandra stayed in Budapest this summer.

So with all of the rest of our family together it’s like a family reunion with our family growing each year. Our son Ryan and his wife Katie, and grand-baby Micah from Nashville are here. And Nathan and Lori and our grand-baby, Lenora, from Orlando along with our youngest daughter Audri, from West Palm Beach.

Then on July 5, Audrianna will be leaving to EAST ASIA for a ministry trip for the rest of July. We can’t name the places she is going as they are sensitive places where there are few Christians. She is a nervous but also feels the peace of God. We are praying for her, we would ask you to also as you think of her.

Our time in the USA is ALWAYS welcome break from our normal routine in Hungary and our ministry in Eastern Europe. We always love these breaks from the “Mission Field” and Ministry here in Eastern Europe. Even though we are ministering most weekends while we are here, we get to spend time with friends and family and enjoy America.

You may have read last month that we are going to take a vacation to California at the end of July. We plan on driving up the Pacific Coast Highway. We will also visit two of my sisters (Jim’s) that live there. We are so looking forward to it.

God is continuing to guide our steps as we continue to work with key leaders to help them start churches throughout Eastern Europe. We are always so excited to be able to make such an amazing impact on so many lives by helping to start these churches. We continue to invest $4000.00 in each of these new works to help get them started. We want to help start at least FIFTEEN churches again this year. We have the finances for EIGHT of them already. We are so, so thrilled and encouraged.

Loving our Lives as Missionaries in Hungary,

Jim and Brenda

PS. Prayerfully look at the Special Note for our Vacation in California this Summer.

May 1 2017

Dear  Special Friends,

One of the things we never get tired of is sitting down with the pastors of the churches we have helped to start and hearing some of the great stories of how God has moved inthese churches that we have helped start in the past fifteen years.

This happened just this morning.  I picked up a Polish pastor, Wojek, from the train station here in Budapest this morning and we got to spend a couple of hours together. He was passing through to another city in Europe and had to come through Budapest.

We have worked with Wojtek for many, years as he helps to starts churches in Poland in cities and towns with few if any protestant churches.  Wojtek told me that these churches are working with the schools, the mayors, and so many other groups to reach their towns for Christ.

He also told me about other towns in Poland where there are Christians but they have no church in their towns to go to. They have to take buses, trains, or drive 20 or more miles to a church, but they are ready to start a church in their own town.

He gave me a list of three cities where they are ready to start churches.  They have a place to meet already, they have a person to pastor the church, they just need  help to get started.

I told Wojtek we would help him with all three of these new churches this year. He was so grateful.

These kind of meetings over coffee are not that uncommon and we love them.  Sometimes after we help to see a church get started, we don’t have so much contact after a few years.  Key leaders in each country oversee these new churches and they are strong enough that they don’t need our input so much. We are happy about this as we can then concentrate on more new churches.

But we also love it when like this morning one of these pastors will tell us about a church we helped start maybe seven years ago that is doing great, reaching people and thriving.  It is so heartwarming and humbling knowing we had something to do with this so many years ago.

Special Family News . . . This summer we will once again be spending several weeks in the USA. Ministering, relaxing and taking a vacation too.   We know for sure that one of the reasons that we love serving as Missionaries for now 35 years, is that we get to go back to the US for these short breaks. It refreshes us so much. . . Plus we love just being in America, with family, friends and the food. (Mexican)

We will get to see our kids and grand-kids and that will be more than wonderful.  All grandparents understand this feeling . . Even do some babysitting for our kids. Fun, Fun, Fun.

Out daughter Audrianna is going on a three-week missions trip to East Asia. We are  so we are so excited for her as she is going places we have never been and very challenging!   God has shown her His faithfulness and provided all the funds she needs for the trip!

USA Vacation this Summer … Brenda and I are going on a vacation in late July with just the two of us to California, maybe drive up the Pacific Coast Highway and enjoy that part of the Ameirca that we have never been too before..

But ITS STILL MAY and we have lot to do over here in Eastern Europe before we go to the US. But still, we are so excited about this summer in the USA.

Your Missionaries in Budapest, Hungary

Jim and Brenda

PS.  Please prayerfully consider whether you can help with starting churches in Poland or help with a SPECIAL GIVE for our SUMMER USA VACATION.

April 1, 2017

We Love SpringTime in Budapest

Dear Friends,

We love the Spring  . . . It’s OUR favorite Season  . . .  Things bloom, weather goes from cold to warm, and I can go running without wearing tons of clothes . . .  Everyone one seems happy and things seem, just more alive . . . This year Budapest had one of the coldest winters in the last 20 years so we are especially happy to see Spring.

So today it’s about 70 degrees and the doors are open and I’m thinking  about the coming weeks where I will totally enjoy going to Macedonia, Poland and Bulgaria.

Social Media,  . . . FACEBOOK – INSTAGRAM – TWITTER – Their in the news and in our lives everyday.  . . . Some people love

it and post daily and others hate it. Quite often it depends on your age.

Some of the churches we help to start are full of young people and their target is young people. So they use Social Media to the greatest advantage to reach these young people.

One of these churches is in Krakow, Poland. We helped Zibi and his wife Magda, start Krakow City Church about eight years ago, in this city of more than one million.

Krakow is one of our favorite cities in all the world. I first visited Krakow in 1995 when I took a train from Moscow to Poland.  I loved it then and love it more now. So much history.

It’s full of young people and life. 125,000 University Students live there. In this city Zibi is using Social Media to the fullest extent, using FACEBOOK, Twitter and Instagram to reach these young people and engage them in the Life Changing Gospel.

I love Zibi and Magda as they never comprise on the message of the Gospel and are always looking for a way that is relevant to the generation of young POLES to reach them.

Now his church is thriving and full of life and changing lives each week.

Krakow, Poland is just one of many cities we are reaching like this. In Macedonia, or Bulgaria or Albania, pastors are doing all they can to make THIS GOSPEL, GOOD NEWS, relevant to the young and old people of Eastern Europe.

They are succeeding, because they are willing to do whatever it takes to reach this generation with the gospel.  We are thrilled to work with them to do this.

This year we are once again looking to see FIFTEEN

new churches started. We have the funds for FOUR of them. We invest $4000.00 in each of these new churches.   Prayerfully consider if you can help with a special gift this year to help us do this.


Brenda – The Gardener

One of Brenda’s little projects every year is planting flowers in front of our house. Almost all our neighbours’ have flowers in their yards and planters on their window and they look so beautiful.

So every year about this time Brenda is in front of our house planting the flowers and in a few weeks our house is aglow with beautiful bright, colourful flowers.

So here she was last week getting ready to plant the flowers. She put on her old jeans and gloves before she starting digging in the dirt.

Me, (Jim) I just took the photo.  She lets me mow the grass.


March 1 2017

A Note from Brenda


I love living in Hungary and love the Hungarian Culture.

Life, it seems is a little slower here and I love to go for walks with our daughter, Alexandra in parks here. Others are walking and talking with friends and feeding the birds, children are playing,

Teens playing basketball and soccer, and Moms pushing their babies in strollers. I often stop and tell the Moms how beautiful their babies are and then tell them about my two beautiful grand-babies that I miss so much. (This is my little Lenora, who lives in Orlando)

I love all the activity and if you stop and ask anyone a question they are almost always glad to help and many times they want to talk. (total strangers). I have been amazed lately at the opportunities to share the gospel at the local parks, in the Mall or even on a plane.  People all around us are hurting and need to know that Jesus lives and heals today, that HIs love is amazing and He lavishes it on all of us.

I came to Christ when I was a teenager. At Camp I met three college students that were filled with the joy of the Lord and I wanted that joy  I wanted to know Jesus like that!

Through the years I have gotten to know many people in our little town just outside of Budapest where we live. When I go to the store or to the Post Office I usually see someone I know. There are always many opportunities to share God’s Love, Kindness and Joy with these new friends.

We have so many wonderful friends throughout Eastern Europe. Below you can read a little about Angel and Daniela in Macedonia and Hervin and Sedika in Albania.

It is such an honor to be living here in  Budapest, Hungary, serving in Eastern Europe and work with the believers here to take the gospel to the people.

Thank you for all your support and what you do for us. Because you help us, we are able to help so many others in this part of the world.

Daily Life is So Different Here

Having lived here so long now, since 1997, sometimes we don’t realize how different  living here is from where we grew up in Florida and Colorado. Everything from driving, to shopping to paying bills, TV and just the routine of daily life. 

Although there are big grocery stores like in America, still most people shop at their local small stores like the meat market, fresh vegetable stands, and fresh bakery’s.

Most peoples’ homes and apartments are much smaller than in the US and if you saw their refrigerators you would think they were tiny. So it’s not uncommon to see people just popping in to the local store on the way home to get some groceries.  We do it too and it seems so normal now.

Special January 2017 Update

Dear Special Friends,

This week is an anniversary of sorts to us.  We now have been serving as missionaries for over 35 years. Wow….That sounds so so long ago… It was the first week of January 1982 that we left the USA to move overseas as missionaries.  (See the enclosed photo card)

Little did we realize at that time, all the places, countries, people, languages, cultures we would experience in the “CALLING” that we had upon our lives.

One of our favorite scriptures is in Proverbs says, “Man makes his PLANS, but GOD guides our steps.”

We have seen this so amazingly clear in our lives.  The incredible thing is that quite often when we are making “OUR PLANS” we don’t see how clearly God is leading us.  So as we think about these past 35 years we look forward to what we feel God is leading us to do this year in Hungary and Eastern Europe.

We are thrilled about our plans for 2017!

Our Plans For 2017 – To Help Start Another 15 Churches!

Can You or Your Church Help Us Do This?

We will invest about $4,000 in each of these new churches.  We work with key national leaders in each country to start these churches. Each of these new churches is pastored by a national who speaks the language and knows the culture.

The money we invest is enough to help for the first twelve to twenty-four months. By then the Pastor has taught his people to begin to support the church.  We primarily help to start the churches in towns that do not have a church.

Special Family News . . . We had a wonderful Christmas and New Year Eve time here in Budapest.  Having our two daughters here made it so special.  We watched movies on TV, went to restaurants, walked all around Budapest as it’s especially beautiful this time of the year.  Brenda and Audri went to movies at the Cinema and we ate too much. So it was so much fun and relaxing.

Excited About 2017,

Jim and Brenda